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Our solutions help Economic Developers attract new business and retain and expand existing business within their community. By optimizing cloud technologies we make our solutions affordable for every community.

  • Built natively on the world’s most powerful mapping software (Esri)
  • The most accurate demographic data available (Esri)
  • 100% Data consistency and accuracy across all users
  • Out-of-the-box "presentation ready" reporting

 With Recruit I am able to demonstrate the solution online and take it on-site with prospects to demonstrate all infrastructure layers including sites that are most attractive for industrial development by showing sites that are not in flood zones, are near four lane highways, key pipelines, rail lines, etc. There is no substitute for this solution to show this kind of information. 

Tommy Kurtz, Vice President, Corpus Christi Regional Economic Development Corporation

Built on the world’s most powerful GIS Leveraging the most accurate data available

We simplify adopting one of our solutions.


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Recruit’s advanced features clearly stood out compared to other technologies, as did GIS WebTech’s emphasis on customer success.

Ernie Cowart, Vice President and Director of Business Information, 
Economic Development Partnership of Alabama

Global Leading GIS and Data

Leverage the right tools to promote and showcase your community. Help Site Selectors and Businesses make insightful, smart business decisions. 

Show Your Economic Viability

Convince business and government leaders of your community's economic potential when you share compelling, data-driven maps and reports.

Make Your Community Profile Stand Out

Create a resource package that profiles neighborhoods in terms of needs, trends, and spending habits to assure retailers that your city is a sound investment.

Promote Your Properties

Ensure your community's revenue stream. Give businesses what they need: workers, customers, the right location. Diversify by drawing interest from tech, retail, and healthcare.

Support Small Business

Nourish relationships with existing business owners to keep your community vibrant. Provide them with customer segmentation data for marketing and/or expansion. 

 One of the primary reasons we chose GIS WebTech is their use of ArcGIS Online. Since GIS WebTech is an Esri partner it means we are using the same GIS platform and database. Having platform continuity allows us to leverage our existing mapping for our economic development website. By partnering with GIS WebTech we are enabled to easily make maps available for public consumption. 

Mike Sexton, GIS Programs Manager, Oklahoma Department of Commerce

A cloud-based web platform software that serves as a research and decision-making tool for Site Selectors and Economic Developers who require specific data relative to available sites, buildings, and communities of interest.

Through a streaming, continuously updated data feed users can quickly discover geo- specific trends and characteristics that are highlighted for the address or regions of interest.

Download the Oklahoma Dept of Commerce Case Study.

Attraction Retention Expansion

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Who benefits from Recruit?

  • Economic Developers  who are enabled to promote their community using the best GIS solution and market data available
  • Site Selectors and Businesses who are enabled to make better informed and confident site selection decisions
  • Communities who gain by attracting, retaining, and expanding business by creating a growing and desirable environment for their citizens to live, work, and play

Storytelling with Maps

Every Community has a story to tell. Story Maps let you combine authoritative maps with narrative text, images, and multimedia content. Story Maps make it easy to harness the power of maps and geography to tell your story. Let us help you tell your story with the power of a Story Map.

Learn how we can create a Story Map to highlight the best features in your community!


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The ONLY provider of the most powerful mapping software in the world to the Economic Development Community.

The ONLY provider of the most accurate data to the Economic Development Community.

We endeavor to provide our clients with the best tools and data available in the market helping them win every day.

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