May 8, 2024

Property Enrichment: Bring an Economic Development Organization’s Major Sites to Life

Consider this dream scenario: a site selector clicks on the link embedded in your RFI response and their browser immediately opens to the fully-staged use case you designed specifically for their RFI, including a striking visual display of the site’s major advantages and the perfect 3D virtual building. You’ve made your proposal stand out from the competition by eliminating guess work, and you’ve made it obvious that your site is perfect for their needs. You’ve even provided direct access to the 3D use case with a single click from the RFI response the site selector was reading.

Welcome to Property Enrichment, the latest advantage enjoyed by economic development organizations running GIS WebTech’s Guru site selection technology.

Property Enrichment allows our clients to provide one-click access to fully-staged views of their properties designed specifically for target industries. Property Enrichment ensures that businesses will see the property configured to meet their needs every time, complete with 3D virtual buildings and each property’s unique assets, such as high-voltage power, wastewater capacity or rail. Economic developers no longer have to hope site selectors come to their website and figure it out on their own. Instead, GIS WebTech clients provide one-click access to staged views that showcase the property and its strengths visually.

Best of all, economic developers can provide one-click access to enriched properties from anywhere: from relevant pages on their websites, from emails they send to prospects, from social media posts, even from proposals and RFI responses.

Property Enrichment is exploding in use by GIS WebTech clients, so we recently ran a fun contest to see all the exciting examples clients had put in place. We received a great number of nominations from clients showcasing incredible property use cases targeted at a wide range of industries. We are pleased to announce that our finalists were Donnell Word of the Greater Memphis Chamber (Tennessee), Courtney Gutierrez of the TexAmericas Center(Texas), and Sean Patty of the Hondo Economic Development  Corporation (Texas). Our winner is Gary Wilson of the Macon-Bibb County Industrial Authority (Georgia)!

Gary has used Property Enrichment to showcase use cases targeting specific industries for over a dozen major properties. These include light manufacturing, industrial, distribution, and warehouse space, reflecting the sectors MBCIA is targeting for recruitment.

“It was really fun and super easy to configure properties for target industries. When Stephen Adams, our Executive Director, needed a property we don’t normally consider, I was able to put something together in about ten minutes that showed the potential for the property, including boundary lines and utilities,” said Gary.

Please join us in congratulating Donnell, Courtney, Sean and Gary, and please do not hesitate to reach out to me or any of our team members to learn more about Property Enrichment.


Gary Wilson of the Macon-Bibb County Industrial Authority with the GIS WebTech team.