Shape the Future of Economic Development, Site Selection and Business Location Decisions

GIS WebTech disrupted a sleepy market for economic development technology when we launched our first app in 2017. Since then we’ve grown from a handful of clients to hundreds across North America and Europe, and 2023 was another record year.

GIS WebTech

Our company is the fastest-growing in our market for a few simple reasons.

  • We stay on the cutting edge. For example, we retired our first app and replaced it with an all-new technology after only four years, a pace that is unheard of in our market. Our clients always enjoy the latest and most effective technology.
  • We believe technology businesses are really service businesses in disguise. This means that our entire team is laser-focused on client service. This focus keeps our renewal rate at over 98%, easily the best in our sector.
  • We have fun. Our team’s dedication to our customers is matched only by our commitment to each other and to growing a vibrant and exciting company. We think work should be fulfilling and enjoyable, so while we take our work seriously we also keep it as fun as possible. Among other things, this means we live where we want and work remotely. GIS WebTech has no offices.

Current openings are listed below. If you are interested in shaping the future of economic development, site selection and business location decisions, please click on a position to download the position description and learn how to apply. We thank you for your interest in our business!