January 28, 2021

Webinar for Oklahoma Economic Developers

Ron Bertasi

Ron Bertasi, CEO of GIS WebTech, hosted a webinar for Oklahoma economic developers in January 2021. The session, titled GIS solutions for Property Data, covered how modern GIS technologies allow economic developers multiple options for promoting their sites and buildings while incorporating the local data that makes their communities stand out.

In this webinar, Ron focused on the ability for local economic developers to incorporate local data like zoning, parcels, sewer and water automatically through the Esri platform. GIS WebTech’s Recruit technology, the only sites & buildings app built on the Esri platform, is the only technology with this capability. Still emailing shapefiles? That is a sure sign your technology is out of date.

Recruit was chosen by the Oklahoma Department of Commerce after a rigorous selection process, and remains the only technology able to synch local property data automatically with the LocateOk site, eliminating the need for Oklahoma economic developers to enter their properties into LocateOK.

Recruit is also affordable by communities of all sizes, and even the simplest versions of Recruit contain the latest features like synching of property data, automated incorporation of local data through the Esri platform, and all five components of a virtual site visit.

Please review the video of the Oklahoma webinar or contact us for more information.

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