February 28, 2023

TVA Selects GIS WebTech’s Guru Technology

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), one of the largest utilities in North America, recently selected GIS WebTech as its online site selection technology partner.

TVA supplies power to a population of 10 million people through local distribution utilities, and its service territory spans all or portions of seven states. TVA maintains one of the largest and most sophisticated economic development groups in the country and has long been an admired leader in economic development. TVA’s economic development team chose GIS WebTech after a rigorous selection process.

TVA’s selection of GIS WebTech continues our company’s rapid growth across the United States and Canada over the last five years. Our record growth has been driven by customers like TVA switching from older technologies to our all-new Guru app and customers adopting online site selection technology for the first time.

GIS WebTech is the only certified Esri partner serving economic development, and Guru is the only technology for economic development built natively on the Esri platform. Guru provides a simple, intuitive user experience as well as advanced features like free 3D virtual buildings, What’s Nearby, customizable property search filters, and much more.

The list of innovations in Guru is a long one, but the app is also surprisingly affordable – precisely because it is so new. As with most software, the cost to build and maintain GIS apps declines over time, so Guru is often more affordable than the older technologies it replaces.

Our entire team at GIS WebTech is incredibly excited to partner with TVA and its communities!