Visualization Powers Growth

Bring Esri data to life and make your community stand out.

Story Maps

What is a Story Map?

A Story Map is a multimedia resource integrating maps, text, photos, and video around a narrative. Story Maps provide interactive functionality to help users explore your content and understand your community.

Tell Your Community’s Unique Story

Story Maps are a highly effective way to showcase your community. Story Maps provide supporting media focusing website visitors on your community’s strengths – all around a narrative that you create.

Use Story Maps to:

  • Highlight

    Highlight a major development, neighborhood, or downtown district

  • Recruit

    Recruit targeted industries

  • Describe

    Describe incentive zones and major investment opportunities

  • Feature

    Feature an existing industry cluster

  • Communicate

    Communicate economic development successes to stakeholders

Story Maps allow us to go from a 100,000-foot level view to ground-level quickly and easily to demonstrate how well South Carolina is positioned to support foreign capital investment. Story Maps can also be used to promote the state broadly as a great place to work, live, play, and more. Story Maps allow us to utilize social media and digital marketing to maximize exposure while minimizing expense.
Tim Duerr
Manager of Research, Richland County Economic Development


Get Your Points Across Intuitively With Striking Imagery

GIS WebTech Infographics display your community’s critical data using beautiful, interactive infographics. We provide the infographics in image, pdf and html formats, allowing you to embed them on your website, include them in presentations, and utilize them in RFI responses and proposals.

GIS WebTech’s interactive infographics highlight our available workforce and demographics in a clear and visually appealing format, allowing users to quickly access the information most important to them. The GIS WebTech team has been extremely responsive and a pleasure to work with.
Nichole Vance
Director of Business Attraction at Round Rock (TX) Chamber of Commerce

Web Maps

Create Engagement Through Colorful, Interactive Maps

Web Maps combine spatial data with colorful and engaging maps and layers to highlight specific features of your community. Web Maps are fully interactive and can highlight business clusters, infrastructure, downtown districts, demographic or workforce data, and other local strengths.

Embedded into your website, Web Maps are fully configurable to your specifications, with interactive features engaging the user in your data.

“Our new web map from GIS WebTech engages the viewer in key neighborhood data as part of our talent attraction and retention strategy.”
Danielle Permenter
Senior Director, Regional Talent Initiatives at Orlando Economic Partnership

3D Layers

What are 3D Layers?

We build 3D layers that put you in control of virtual site visits. Engage your prospects by exploring buildings in 3D – even proposed buildings not yet built.