March 19, 2021

Remove the Mystery and Learn the Latest on Property Data for Economic Development

Ron Bertasi

Everything You Need to Know About Property Data for Economic Development

Property inventory has never been more important in economic development, and modern GIS tools have opened up a whole new set of options for displaying and analyzing property data.

To help economic developers understand the latest in property data and navigate through the many options available, GIS WebTech hosted a panel discussion, “Everything You Need to Know About Property Data for Economic Development.” View the replay

In this session, economic developers learned:

  • What options are available for sourcing property data
  • How leading property data firms use technology to lower cost and improve accuracy
  • How electronic feeds of property data work
  • What property data site selectors are seeking
  • How modern GIS tools enable virtual site visits, suitability analysis, and other ways of making your properties stand out

The webinar featured three experts in property data for economic development, and participants were able to ask questions of the panelists:


Henry Moore is Founder and CEO of REsimplifi

Henry Moore is a Co-Founder and CEO of Resimplifi, Inc., a provider of fully serviced and managed commercial real estate property data for brokers and economic development professionals across the US. Before founding Resimplifi Henry served as a Vice President of a commercial real estate broker.


Dennis Burnside is President of Juniper Solutions, a provider of site selection, economic development, and commercial real estate services. Dennis has a 30-plus year résumé of serving large and small corporate organizations, the economic development community, and the commercial real estate service and investment industry.


Michael Cleary is Chief Operating Officer of GIS WebTech. Michael and his team work closely with property data providers and have built automated feeds to receive data from multiple local property data sources across the United States. Michael also works closely with GIS WebTech clients to highlight their properties and to utilize the latest GIS tools for property analysis.




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