Recruit Collaboration


Ecosystem of Applications

Recruit lives within an ecosystem of a robust set of Esri application including office and mobile integrations. This facilitates easy data sharing between applications in which your staff members are familiar. The result is increased data accuracy, and increased productivity and collaboration from your team.

Through our Esri-based platform you are enabled to connect with other communities to receive and share data and information further enhancing your joint ability to promote your community.

By integrating our research tools and website management technologies with Recruit, we have been able to minimize the time consuming work and costs affiliated with maintaining an up to date, accurate listing of available sites, buildings, and other commercial properties on the GCEDC website. Our website now functions as an interactive research portal that leverages geospatial technology from Esri, which ensures that our data is always provided via a seamlessly updated data source

Jonathan Smith, Executive Director, Yakima County Development Association

Create Custom Maps

Users can create custom map reports with extensive data search capabilities in a web browser removing the GIS restrictions that most users face when viewing GIS files.

Convert your existing MS Excel files into graphical data maps. Share your maps in the cloud, the web, social media and blogs.

Activate layers in Recruit in minutes

Increase Productivity and Collaboration

Staff members can perform accurate spatial analysis and generate reports with ease. The bottleneck between GIS users and those needing their output has been removed. GIS data produced by experts can be consumed by marketers, researchers, executives and the public in formats that are easy to work with.

Members of the organization can collaborate on maps and spatial assets with ease within a web browser. The result is saved time and confidence you are working with the most updated documents and datasets.

Maps for Office

Recruit and Grow are built natively on the ArcGIS Platform and seamlessly integrated with all ArcGIS platform Apps including Maps for Office.

ArcGIS Maps for Office uses the power of the ArcGIS mapping platform to enable Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint users worldwide to leverage location-based analysis. Work with data stored on ArcGIS Online or behind the firewall in ArcGIS for Server, and securely access, publish, and share maps and data.