November 14, 2023

Melanie Moore: Winner of 2023 GIS WebTech Award for Technology Leadership

Melanie Moore of JAXUSA Partnership is an experienced economic development professional, with a specialization in data and research. Through Melanie’s focus, JAXUSA Partnership has also maintained a position on the leading-edge of economic development, with the latest data, tools and technology.

Melanie provides data and analysis for a wide area in northeast Florida, including rural communities that could otherwise not afford such services. Through Melanie’s work these communities have access to the latest technology, the latest data, and the latest tools, and can therefore punch above their weight in economic development.

In fact, it was one of Melanie’s local partners that nominated her for the GIS WebTech Award, and we are pleased to recognize Melanie for her leadership in applying technology to support her regional community.

Figure 1: Aundra Wallace and Melanie Moore of JAXUSA Partnership

“Melanie has been a valuable resource for our community for many years,” said Aundra Wallace, president of JAXUSA Partnership. “Our team is really happy to see her work and her leadership recognized nationally.”

GIS WebTech is pleased to name Melanie Moore one of three winners of the 2023 GIS WebTech Award for Technology Leadership for her outstanding work applying technology in support of her local communities. Our entire team congratulates Melanie!