July 24, 2023

Introducing the New TVASites!

A few months back, the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), one of the largest utilities in North America, selected GIS WebTech as its online site selection technology partner. The two organizations have worked closely to configure GIS WebTech technology to suit the unique needs of TVA.

TVA recently launched the all-new TVASites, TVA’s industry-leading, web-based data suite of technology for businesses and site selectors considering the Tennessee Valley. TVASites can be accessed at http://www.tvasites.com/.

At the heart of TVASites are two GIS WebTech applications. The first, and the cornerstone of TVASites, is our Guru technology, the most advanced online site selection application ever developed. TVASites’ Guru, configured for TVA’s unique needs, provides access to data and tools making it simple for businesses and site selectors to evaluate locations and properties in the TVA service territory.

Guru also contains advanced features enabling TVA and its local partners to highlight major strengths. An exciting example is the ability to showcase property use cases in 3D designed specifically for target industries.

TVASites also includes an all-new, interactive, GIS-based workforce application developed for TVA by GIS WebTech. This new workforce tool gives site selectors direct access to critical workforce data through a simple and intuitive spatial display.

TVA supplies power to a population of 10 million people through local distribution utilities, and its service territory spans all or portions of seven states. TVA maintains one of the largest and most sophisticated economic development teams in the country and has long been an admired leader in economic development.

GIS WebTech is the only certified Esri partner in economic development, provides the only technology for economic development built natively on the Esri platform, and has become the clear leader in technology for economic development since its startup in 2016. The company is the fastest-growing provider and serves clients across North America and Europe.

Our entire team at GIS WebTech congratulates TVA and its communities on this major milestone!