April 14, 2022

Introducing GIS WebTech’s Guru!

Ron Bertasi

Great news for economic developers!

GIS WebTech is advancing online site selection again with the launch of Guru, the most advanced GIS technology ever built for economic development. Curious? Read on!

Why are you replacing Recruit, widely recognized as the most advanced technology available, with a newer technology?

Because of our commitment to continuous innovation. GIS WebTech has been the sector’s leading innovator since we disrupted the market by launching Recruit four years ago. Recruit’s many first-ever features made it a huge success, driving record results for our clients and fueling rapid growth for our company. Our continuous development has kept Recruit – and our clients — on the cutting edge ever since. But technology does not stand still, and we do not believe in bolting feature after feature onto an older technology, cluttering the app and diminishing the user experience just to keep extending its life. (For an explanation of why, see our classic blog on product life cycle.) Instead, our commitment to continuous innovation means our clients always enjoy the newest apps, reflecting the latest in GIS technology and the latest in app design.

How does Guru help economic developers be more successful?

This is where the fun starts! Guru has many advantages for economic developers, but they all fit in three buckets:

(1) Guru presents a clean, simple user experience similar to the most popular GIS apps that everyone already uses, like Zillow. This is a big advantage over the cluttered presentation in older technologies that pre-date today’s commonly-used GIS apps;

(2) Guru is the most configurable technology ever offered, allowing you to present the data that favors your community and your properties and tells your story; and

(3) Guru includes a whole series of cutting-edge features unavailable in older technologies, like the ability to add local data (such as a local industry cluster) by simply dragging a spreadsheet onto the map.

We use one of the older technologies. Is it difficult to switch?

Not at all! Guru is so easy to set up that our team can have your installation up and running in a few hours. So many economic developers have switched to GIS WebTech from older technologies over the last few years that we’ve automated part of the process!

I am stuck with months, even a year or more, on my contract for an older technology. What can I do?

No worries! We have many clients who were in a similar situation. Contact me and I will explain how we can help. 

I am going to redesign my website and branding. Should I wait until that is done to make the switch to Guru?

No need to wait to get the benefits of the latest technology! We will set up Guru now using your current website and branding, then reconfigure Guru at no charge when your new website and new branding are ready. You get the benefits of economic development’s best technology immediately, without having to wait, and we don’t charge you twice for configuration.

Does Guru cost more?

Nope! Despite repeatedly rolling out new technologies we have never had a fee increase. In fact, all GIS WebTech customers are being upgraded to Guru at no charge – no price increases, no upgrade fees. We know economic developers have limited budgets, and we are committed to getting you the latest technology at affordable rates.