Intuitive Map Tools Simplify Data Analysis

Provide businesses with the right tools to quickly access information they are seeking.

Esri’s ArcGIS Online and Business Analyst Included at No Charge

Experience the power of Esri’s ArcGIS Online and Business Analyst integrated with GIS WebTech’s Guru.

Create layers highlighting critical local data
Integrate layers from your government and utility partners with a few clicks
Supercharge your RFI response using Esri tools and Guru property data

Interactive Local Layers

Highlight local strengths by integrating local layers already built on the Esri platform.

Leverage the same platform as government and utility GIS departments: Esri

Connect to local layers at the source and eliminate time-consuming shapefile updates

Incorporate layers showing zoning, parcels, sewer & water, parks and trails, and more

Interactive Layers

Engage users by making layers interactive through customizable pop-ups.

Critical Data

Display critical data instantly by simply dragging a spreadsheet onto the map.

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Utilize over a dozen basemaps to select the visual backdrop best suited to the task at hand.

  • Basemaps designed for targeted industry uses, such as topographic and night-time street maps
  • Basemaps that stand out, ideal for integrating imagery into RFI responses, proposals, and reports
  • Basemaps that automatically adjust to scale, maintaining high resolution no matter the zoom
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Vector Basemaps

High-resolution basemaps that automatically adjust to scale for optimal display.

Demographic + Workforce Thematic Heatmaps

Interactive heatmaps displaying thousands of variables.

Measurement Tools

Obtain linear distance, total area, and other measurements for custom shapes.

Drawing Tools

Draw shapes, add titles, text and labels to customize your maps.

Scale Widget

Display the ratio of distance on the map to distance on the ground.

Print Widget

Print high-resolution maps in multiple formats, or export for inclusion in proposals and presentations.

Full Screen Maps

Maximize map extant for enhanced visual impact.

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