May 13, 2019

GIS WebTech’s Record Growth Continues

Ron Bertasi

Just a few months ago I wrote that 2018 was another year of incredible growth at GIS WebTech. Depending on the metric, we were two to four times bigger at the end of 2018 than we were at the beginning, continuing the rapid growth we began with the launch of Recruit 4.0 in 2016.

When we launched Recruit 4.0, we tapped into latent demand for modern technology from economic developers frustrated by the lack of innovation from legacy providers. They told us they wanted advanced tools and the highest-quality data. So we built Recruit 4.0.

As they say, the rest is history. For our customers the result was the most advanced technology available. For our company the result was the exponential growth I’ve written about.

Advanced 3-D Imagery Available Only With GIS WebTech’s Recruit Technology

Advanced 3-D Imagery  Available Only With GIS WebTech’s Recruit Technology

Has our success lessened our focus on innovation? Not a chance.

In fact, with our philosophy of continuous development we add new features and new data continuously, driving an ever-widening gap between GIS WebTech’s Recruit technology and legacy providers. The result? Our extraordinary growth continues. We doubled our customer count – again – in the first four months of 2019.

Why are so many economic development organizations choosing GIS WebTech’s Recruit technology? Is it the advanced tools found nowhere else, like trucking time analysis and walking time analysis? Is it the real-time access to the entire Esri data set, available only with GIS WebTech’s Recruit? Is it the unparalleled customer service and sense of partnership we provide in working with our clients?

All of these things matter, but in the end our company is the fastest-growing provider for the simplest of reasons: our technology makes our clients more effective as economic developers.

And all of this growth took place before the release of Recruit 4.5. Watch this space. With the launch of Recruit 4.5 things are about to get even more exciting!

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