August 1, 2019

GIS WebTech Widens the Gap with Legacy Technologies

Ron Bertasi

Introducing Recruit 4.5!

When we launched Recruit 4.0 we created a buzz in economic development. For the first time, economic developers could provide real-time access to the entire Esri demographic data set and offer advanced analytical tools like trucking time analysis, and do so in a simple and intuitive app designed with extensive input from businesses and site selectors. With these and a long list of other firsts, Recruit 4.0 has been rapidly adopted by economic developers across the country, helping our clients meet or exceed their goals and driving rapid growth in our company.

With our business booming, our clients happy and successful, and our reputation for innovation firmly in place, it would have been easy for us to coast, easing up on our relentless focus on technology leadership.

But we didn’t.

Now, barely 18 months after we launched the most advanced technology the economic development sector has ever seen, we’ve done it again. GIS WebTech announces the release of Recruit 4.5, with advanced features never before available for economic development.

Ever wonder why you can’t select the time of day for a drive time analysis? We did, and so did the site

selectors we talked to. After all, it is obvious that the time of day has a major impact on how far you can go, and therefore on the accuracy of data you collect in a drive time analysis. Yet, legacy technologies force the user to accept an average drive time, which can produce inaccurate and misleading results, rather than allow the user to select the time of day.

Same with day of the week and direction of travel. Legacy apps simply assume an outbound direction of travel  from the location of interest,

and make no distinction between a Sunday afternoon drive and a drive into the teeth of rush hour. But what if a user wants to evaluate a potential workforce commuting to a location of interest? The outbound direction of travel assumed in legacy technologies is backward, and can lead to highly inaccurate data.

In fact, data accuracy is the reason site selectors asked for the ability to select time of day, day of the week and direction of travel for drive time analysis. Only Recruit 4.5 provides these features. Similarly, only Recruit offers site selectors trucking time analysis, which we added at the request of manufacturers and distributors. And only Recruit includes walking time analysis, highly relevant in urban and downtown areas.

Recruit 4.5 allows your prospects to experience your properties, rather than just seeing traditional listing data. With Recruit 4.5, you can add video to property listings, including drone video and 360-degree

video. With Recruit 4.5 you can incorporate the latest 3D imagery of properties, including 3D projections of buildings, industrial parks, or entire developments still in the planning stages. And with Recruit 4.5, you can include entire 3D

layers in high resolution, creating visually striking experiences that will keep businesses engaged and focused on your community.

By now you may be wondering how much our clients have to pay for an upgrade to Recruit 4.5, given its advanced features. The answer may surprise you: nothing. With GIS WebTech, all clients get upgrades at no charge, with no upgrade fees and no increases in annual license fees. And no client has to wait in line — all clients get our new release immediately.

How about pricing for new clients? We must have increased our license fees for new clients when we launched Recruit 4.5, right? Actually, throughout our company’s history we have never increased fees, even as we have gone live with multiple new releases and major upgrades. And Recruit 4.5 isn’t just for large organizations with big budgets. Recruit 4.5 is affordable by economic development organizations of all sizes. Recruit technology currently supports economic development organizations serving populations as small as 5,000 people, as well as those serving entire states.

This blog post covers just a few of the groundbreaking new features included in Recruit 4.5. You can learn more or request a demo at our Recruit 4.5 web page . Or just send an email to me at or to Courtney Bridger at and we’d be happy to schedule a brief call. We look forward to showing how Recruit 4.5 can make your efforts more effective!

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