September 8, 2020

GIS WebTech Partners with eFM

Ron Bertasi

Businesses of all sizes are being forced to rethink their facilities and real estate needs due to the COVID-19 crisis, and economic developers across the country have expressed frustration at not being able to help local businesses with these issues.

But for GIS WebTech clients that frustration is gone.

GIS WebTech announces a new partnership with eFM, a leading global provider of enterprise solutions for corporate and government clients in managing the entire life cycles of their real estate and infrastructure assets. We are excited to work with one of the premier providers of technology-base facility services.

Our partnership with eFM will allow our clients to add facility services to the list of tools they can provide to local businesses in support of their BRE and COVID-response strategies.

eFM’s core business is the  implementation of Engaging Workplaces integrating consulting, engineering and information via web-based systems, throughout the entire building life cycle. eFM’s digital services connect real estate and facilities information with the client’s human resources, information technology, operations and finance.

“Economic developers are in a unique position to assist their local businesses by connecting them with our services, and we look forward to helping them support their local economies through the COVID crisis and beyond,” said Daniele Appetito, CEO of eFM, North America.

eFM has U.S. offices in Boston and San Diego and a presence on three continents, supporting clients managing a real estate portfolio of 800 million square feet for over 1.2 million employees, while monitoring $400 million of services per year. eFM’s Platform Solution provides the tools businesses need to return to work while ensuring the health and safety of all employees during the current crisis.

GIS WebTech’s Recruit platform was the first to utilize partnerships to integrate workforce data, and GIS WebTech is widely recognized as the most innovative provider of technology for economic development.

Through similar partnerships Recruit now incorporates the demographic data shown in independent studies to be the most accurate available, as well as trade data, business listing data, property data, custom 3D layers, infrastructure, incentive data, education data, broadband data, and more. GIS WebTech clients also have access to cutting-edge CRM, cloud hosting, and GIS technologies through GIS WebTech partnerships, all on favorable terms.

Most of these options are not available through legacy providers of sites & buildings apps. With the older technologies you get a cookie-cutter solution.

We continue to expand our industry-leading partnerships for the benefit of our economic development clients. Watch this space for more updates soon!

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