October 4, 2020

GIS WebTech Partners with CES Utility Solutions, A Leading Drone Services Firm

Ron Bertasi

Virtual site visits are fast becoming a critical part of the modern economic developer’s toolkit. You can learn more about virtual site visits, including the five components necessary for a comprehensive virtual site visit, from our prior blog posts and from the first and second videos in our series on this subject.

Only GIS WebTech’s Recruit technology can incorporate all five components of a virtual site visit, because only Recruit is built natively on the Esri platform. Legacy online site selection apps, built on lesser GIS platforms like Mapbox or Google, do not provide the complete tool kit for a virtual site visit.

3D Layer in High Resolution, Created Using Drone Photos and Hosted in GIS WebTech’s Recruit

3D Layer in High Resolution, Created Using Drone Photos and Hosted in GIS WebTech’s Recruit

Aerial imagery and aerial video are important media for marketing major industrial properties. More importantly, aerial imagery also enables the creation of photo-realistic, high resolution 3D layers. Just as a 3D projection of a proposed building is the cornerstone of a virtual site visit for an undeveloped site, these high resolution 3D layers are the cornerstones of virtual site visits for existing buildings. These 3D layers allow the economic developer to use Recruit’s incredible functionality to showcase the property in 3D.

To help our clients take full advantage of Recruit’s virtual site visits, as well as assist them in their efforts to market major properties, GIS WebTech announces our partnership with CES Utility Solutions for drone services.

CES Utility solutions is a leading provider of drone services, including large, sophisticated programs for electric utilities involving aerial inspection of transmission and distribution infrastructure. CES Utility Solutions, through its partners and affiliates, can provide or secure drone services across the country.

CES Utility Solutions is also an African-American owned business and a certified MBE contractor.

“We are excited to partner with GIS WebTech and to broaden our drone service to the economic development market. GIS WebTech is the most innovative and fastest-growing provider of technology for economic development, and a great fit with the entrepreneurial culture at our company,” said Ford Cooper, CEO of CES Utility Solutions.

Over the past four years we have added numerous industry partnerships providing major benefits for our economic development clients. The first technology to integrate workforce data from partners, our Recruit platform now incorporates trade data, business listing data, property data, custom 3D layers, and more, all from partner companies we have carefully screened for quality and service. Through similar partnerships our clients also have access to cutting-edge CRM, cloud hosting, and facility management services.

We continue to expand our industry-leading partnerships for the benefit of our economic development clients. Watch this space for more updates soon!

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