October 25, 2023

GIS WebTech and Kentucky Association for Economic Development Announce Innovative Partnership

GIS WebTech and the Kentucky Association for Economic Development (KAED) announced an exciting and innovative new partnership designed to bring the most advanced technology for economic development to Kentucky and to further cement the Blue Grass State’s leadership in economic development.

Under the partnership:

  • GIS WebTech will become a Signature Sponsor of KAED and will jointly establish, with KAED, an annual award for technology leadership in Kentucky to be recognized at the KAED annual conference;
  • KAED will host an installation of GIS WebTech’s Guru technology on its website for the benefit of Kentucky economic development;
  • All KAED members and their organizations across the state will be eligible to license their own installations of GIS WebTech’s Guru technology at major discounts.

“In recent months GIS WebTech’s Guru technology was independently selected by TVA, the South Western Kentucky Economic Development Council, and the East Kentucky Power Coop, so prior to our partnership with KAED about 90 of Kentucky’s 130 counties were already served by our technology. With this innovative new partnership we are excited to bring the benefits of advanced technology to the remainder of the state and equally excited to work with Haley and her team at KAED,” said Ron Bertasi, CEO of GIS WebTech.

“This partnership is a great example of how KAED continues to lead economic development in Kentucky and innovate for the benefit of our members,” said Haley McCoy, President and CEO of KAED.

The partnership takes effect immediately. For more information, please contact Ron Bertasi at GIS WebTech (ron@giswebtech.com) or Haley McCoy at KAED (haley@kaedonline.org)