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Six Sure Signs Your Online Site Selection Technology is Outdated

GIS technology continues to advance rapidly, with useful new tools and data coming out regularly. The relentless pressures of competitive markets drive businesses to incorporate these advances to reduce risk associated with their location decisions. Leading economic development organizations, recognizing these competitive pressures and the growing demand from businesses for cutting-edge data and tools, respond by […]

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Legacy Online Site Selection Technologies: It’s Time for a Replacement

What is a legacy technology? A legacy online site selection system is an older software solution that provides basic online data and simple functionality, but lacks the most up-to-date data and interactive tools. As competitive pressures force businesses to focus relentlessly on improving their site selection processes with more and better data and increasingly sophisticated analysis, […]

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South Carolina I-77 Alliance Breaks New Ground With GIS WebTech

Regional Approach by Economic Development Leader. When we launched our all-new Recruit 4.5 a few months back, we knew it would change the way economic development organizations utilized technology. We also knew that leading economic development groups would be quick to utilize Recruit’s advanced features to highlight their communities, and that is exactly what our customers […]

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