Adams County Development Council in eastern Washington is the first organization to go live with GIS WebTech’s newest technology purpose built for the unique needs of rural economic development. With a population of just over 20,000 people spread across almost 2,000 square miles, Adams County offers attractive advantages to businesses seeking affordable utilities, low cost of living, high quality of life, and a robust transportation infrastructure.

Until now, rural economic developers have had to adapt to technology not designed for their needs. With Guru Rural, GIS WebTech has flipped the script: we adapted technology to the unique needs of rural economic developers rather than the other way around. Guru Rural includes features and data specifically designed for rural business attraction and retention. Likewise, it excludes data that is not helpful or irrelevant for rural communities. Best of all, Guru Rural comes at a price point designed to fit smaller rural budgets.

Kyle Niehenke, Executive Director, of Adams County Development Council was seeking an affordable solution to increase awareness of the many unique benefits of locating in Adams County.  He selected Guru Rural because it includes a set of features and data specifically designed for rural business attraction and retention. “With Guru Rural you don’t have to be a big, wealthy community to have a seat at the table.  Visitors and stakeholders are pleasantly surprised to come to the website and find all the data available, from properties, to layers, to What’s Nearby, even auto calculations of distances to airports and interstates.”

Visitors to Adam’s County Development Council’s website can view available properties overlayed with maps of critical infrastucture including utilities, rail, zoning and parcel data, providing decision makers with the information they need to select Adams County.

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