Our Focus is on Economic Development

We aren't owned by a foreign conglomerate, and we aren't distracted by other businesses. We are employee-owned and 100% committed to GIS for economic development.

Our Mission

We provide our clients with the best GIS tools and data available, helping them to promote and highlight their communities.

Our Approach

We believe that economic development will continue to evolve with an increasing focus on technology and data to attract, retain, and expand businesses within communities.

We choose to partner with Esri, providers of the most powerful mapping software in the world, and continue to be the ONLY company to do so in economic development. This enables us to deliver the most accurate data and the most advanced GIS technology, and to stay at the forefront of both.

Our Values & Statistics

Our company is founded on two pillars: technology leadership and customer success. Our commitment to both is unwavering, and has driven our rapid growth into the industry leader.


We disrupted the market for online site selection when we launched Recruit in 2017, then did it again when we launched Guru in 2022. Innovation is in our company’s DNA, and our philosophy of continuous development ensures our clients are always at the forefront of technology for economic development.

Quality Partnerships + Relationships

We partner with the sector’s leading data and technology companies to provide a seamless, comprehensive solution. We focus on data and technology so you can focus on business attraction and retention.

Customer Care through Collaboration

We believe we succeed when our customers succeed. Most of the breakthrough innovations in Recruit and Guru have come from direct engagement with clients, and working closely with clients is a hallmark of our business.

Giving Back

We are proud to support the communities and profession we serve. We have provided pro-bono work to communities across North America, and we are proud to be part of GoBeyondProfit, a first of its kind initiative of Georgia business leaders committed to invest time, talent, and financial resources to help solve community needs.


97% Customer Renewal Rate


80 Million Population Served


119% Five-Year Average Annual Customer Growth


The Only Esri Partner in Economic Development


We nurture strategic alliances with a selected set of the world’s leading technology and data providers to create and offer the best solution and data in the market.

Meet the Team Leaders

Ron Bertasi

Chief Executive Officer404-535-1261

Michael Cleary

Chief Operating Officer203-297-1433

Asok Kumar

Director of Technology

Courtney Bridger

Director of Business Development714-418-8559

Cathy Becker

Director of Customer Success678-234-0024