December 18, 2023

2023: Record Growth, International Expansion and Relentless Innovation

2023: Record Growth, International Expansion and Relentless Innovation

2023 was another year of rapid growth at GIS WebTech!

We set records on nearly every growth metric. As the nearby graphic shows, economic development organizations are overwhelmingly choosing GIS WebTech, both switching from legacy technologies and adopting technology for the first time. We remain the fastest-growing provider of technology for economic development by a wide margin.

How did we get in this enviable position? Through our team’s relentless focus on technology leadership. No other provider has come out with a new technology in many years and we’ve done it twice in the last five. The result is an ever-widening gap between our Guru technology and the older apps offered for many years by legacy providers.

But technology leadership is an unobtainable goal without the right people. I am blessed to serve an incredible team of professionals. I have served in leadership roles in a variety of companies and I can say without hesitation this is the most dedicated team I have ever worked with. They are smart, hard-working and committed to our clients.

Let’s take a look at a few numbers from 2023.

1    New module launched and provided for free to Guru customers: Proposal Manager

2    Continents served by GIS WebTech: North America and Europe

3     Winners of the GIS WebTech Award for technology leadership in economic development

11     Sessions held by GIS WebTech at economic development conferences

25     Economic development conferences sponsored and attended by GIS WebTech

26    3D virtual spec buildings included for free in Guru, from retail to industrial

34    Percent of Americans served by GIS WebTech’s Guru technology

73    Compound annual growth rate of GIS WebTech since 2017, in percent

99    GIS WebTech customer renewal rate, in percent


Lastly, I want to thank our clients for the continued trust in us they place in us every day. Their feedback, encouragement, and friendship make our jobs fun and rewarding, and we especially value their sense of partnership. In fact, most of the exciting innovations in Guru came from client suggestions.

2024 is shaping up to be another great year. We have some exciting initiatives we will be launching, so keep an eye on this space. And of course, feel free to reach out to me or any of our team if you would like to learn more. I look forward to another record year in 2024!