January 2, 2023

2022: Another Year of Record Growth

This is my fourth year-end blog, and by now they are starting to get repetitive. If you’ve read them over the years you can probably guess the punchline for this year’s version: 2022 was yet another year of incredible growth for our company.


As the nearby chart illustrates, our rapid growth of recent years continued again in 2022. The chart shows how economic developers are switching from legacy technologies to GIS WebTech in record numbers, as well as selecting GIS WebTech when adopting an online site selection technology for the first time.


Is our growth predictable? You bet. Is it boring? Not a chance! Innovating and helping clients succeed is what makes us excited to come to work every day.

Let’s take a look back at 2022. It was another incredible year, and numbers help tell the story:


1                                All-new online site selection technology launched: GIS WebTech’s Guru

2                                New versions of Guru introduced: Guru Rural and Guru Canada

3                                Winners of the GIS WebTech Award for Leadership in GIS Technology for Economic                                                Development

6                                Countries from which we received inquiries about our technology

16                              Conferences attended by GIS WebTech team

60                             Percent of GIS WebTech clients that have switched from legacy technologies

100                           Percent of GIS WebTech clients with a free upgrade to Guru

2,000                       Population served by our smallest economic development client

22 million               Population served by our largest economic development client

I would like to thank our team for their dedication to serving our clients. Their commitment to customer success keeps service at our company’s core, and their continuous innovation is why GIS WebTech clients enjoy the most advanced technology in economic development. No other provider has come out with a new technology in many years, and we’ve done it twice in the last five.

It is my great honor to work such talented and dedicated colleagues and clients.

I would also like to thank our clients for the opportunity to serve them. Working closely with them is how our company improves and how our technology evolves. In fact, most of the exciting new features available only in Guru, from What’s Nearby to the free suite of 3D virtual spec buildings included, came from client suggestions.

We have some big announcements coming in 2023, which is shaping up to be our biggest year ever, so stay tuned!