Driving Recovery Using Location Intelligence: Second Learning Lab in Our Series with Esri

In December we launched the first in our series of free Learning Labs, held jointly with our partners at Esri. As we noted then, GIS technology continues to advance rapidly and the COVID crisis has accelerated the adoption of key GIS functionality like 3D layers and virtual site visits. Using the latest GIS technology, innovative economic developers are able to provide an experience in online meetings that rivals a physical site visit – even for proposed buildings not yet built .

As we covered in that session, economic developers relying on Google Earth are at a competitive disadvantage, since Google Earth is a consumer app that does not support several of the required components of a virtual site visit. Economic developers using GIS WebTech’s Recruit technology, in contrast, can provide the full virtual experience. Seamless integration with easy-to-use Esri tools means Recruit also allows them incredible flexibility to create infographics, incorporate local data, turbocharge their RFI response, and make their communities stand out.

On February 25 we will continue the discussion with the second Learning Lab in our series, Driving Recovery Using Location Intelligence.

This session will be a panel discussion with several economic developers whose organizations have used technology to lead recovery in their communities, as well as experts from Esri and GIS WebTech. Attendees can expect to learn how GIS technology is a key ingredient in economic development recovery strategies, hear from experts on how GIS technologies are rapidly changing economic development, and see specific examples of GIS apps supporting recovery.

The Learning Lab will also include a survey of attendees so that economic developers can learn more about how their peers are using GIS technology to advance recovery.

  • Phoebe Fleming is Director of Research at the Orlando Economic Partnership, a public-private, not-for-profit economic and community development organization that works to advance Broad-based Prosperity™ in the Orlando region. As Director of Research, Phoebe was the primary author of the Orlando 2030 report, Orlando Prosperity Scorecard, and supports the Partnership’s work with economic, labor market, and workforce research.
  • Kelsee Jordan Lee is Director of Economic Development at the City of Cibolo, Texas. Kelsee has helped over 100 companies from diverse industries open operations in Cibolo, capitalizing on the community’s rapid population growth in recent years.
  • Keith Cooke is Esri’s Industry Manager responsible for economic development. Prior to Esri, Keith worked in community planning and development.
  • Helen Thompson is Esri’s Group Lead for Content and Applied Analytics. Helen is a well-known thought leader in GIS applications for government and business, including 3D and GIS for new developments.
  • Ron Bertasi is CEO of GIS WebTech, the fastest-growing provider of GIS technology for economic development and the only provider of technology built on the Esri platform. Ron has served in CEO roles for technology and energy businesses since 2001.

Please click here to register and plan to join us on February 25. It promises to be an engaging and educational session.

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