Virtual Site Visits: Crucial Tools for Economic Developers

Key Takeaway:  With traditional site visits impossible for the foreseeable future, winning EDOs will provide comprehensive virtual site visits, accelerating economic recovery in their communities. This is only possible with a complete GIS solution: GIS WebTech's Recruit technology bundled with Esri GIS tools. Legacy sites & buildings technologies do not support comprehensive virtual site visits. To learn more, drop me a note at and let’s start a conversation.

The coming economic recovery will be unlike anything economic developers have seen before.

Most economists are predicting a long and solid recovery, beginning in the next few months. But with personal meetings and traditional site visits all but impossible for the foreseeable future, economic developers need to adapt. The standard playbook will not work.

The winners in the coming recovery will utilize technology to provide comprehensive, customized virtual site visits.

The key is having an up-to-date, complete GIS solution. A complete GIS solution integrates properties with complementary GIS tools, enabling online meetings that can provide the full experience of a site visit. GIS WebTech’s Recruit technology, built on the Esri platform, integrates seamlessly with critical, complementary Esri tools, thereby enabling a comprehensive virtual site visit.

In contrast, old-fashioned sites and buildings apps are simply not capable of providing the complete experience necessary for a virtual site visit because they lack the ability to integrate with the critical supporting GIS components.

If you are running an online sites and buildings technology from a legacy provider, your technology does not support 3-D projections of planned buildings, 360-degree video, and other critical components of a virtual site visit. If you do not upgrade to modern technology you are going to miss out on opportunities in the coming recovery.

3-D Projection of Planned Mixed-Use Development

You can upgrade to a complete, easy-to-use GIS solution for less than you are paying for an outdated sites & buildings app.

But here is some great news: as a certified Esri partner GIS WebTech can bundle these complementary Esri tools with our flagship technology, Recruit, at extremely affordable rates. In fact, our Recruit technology bundled with easy-to-use Esri tools is almost always less expensive than the cost of stand-alone sites & buildings apps from legacy providers.

This means you can provide the complete virtual site visit experience that will be crucial in the coming months, and lead the recovery effort in your community.

To learn more, drop me a note at and let’s start a conversation.

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