GIS WebTech Announces Integration of Property Data Through Strategic Partnership

Key Takeaway: GIS WebTech now offers property listing data integrated into Recruit 4.0, the leading technology for economic development. The company has partnered with RealMassive, a technology-driven big data company in the commercial real estate sector, and now offers GIS WebTech customers an exciting new option for sourcing property listings.  GIS WebTech’s Recruit 4.0 is the only economic development technology providing EMSI workforce data, real-time access to the entire Esri demographic data set, and the latest functionality like trucking times and 3-D views, in addition to property data.

What this Partnership Means

At GIS WebTech we just took another step to increase our lead over the legacy technologies in the economic development market.

Recruit 4.0, our flagship technology for economic development, combines the industry’s most advanced features with its most engaging user experience, and through our new partnership can now be licensed with property data integrated into the technology. Integrating property data eliminates the need for an EDO to try to find a local provider of property data, or to choose between managing the data themselves and relying on local brokers to keep data current. Instead, GIS WebTech can provide listings for office, industrial, retail, and commercial sites and properties – or any subset of these – included in the technology through a fully automated process.  This new partnership with RealMassive provides our clients with an exciting new option for sourcing and maintaining property data.

Why Did GIS WebTech Establish This Partnership?

Many of our customers had been licensing data from Xceligent. That company’s chapter 7 bankruptcy announcement in December left those customers in a bind.  Unsure what to do or how to source property data through other channels, many asked for our help.  We are not a provider of property data, but we chose to invest in our clients and worked hard on developing a property data solution for them. The result is our strategic partnership with RealMassive. We believe RealMassive will provide our customers with the best automated property sourcing and delivery process.

Introducing RealMassive

RealMassive is a lot like GIS WebTech: a fast-growing technology company disrupting a traditional market still largely served by legacy technology. With its advanced big data solutions and innovative marketplace for commercial real estate listings, RealMassive provides the industry with modern technologies that create market opportunities throughout the country. The company shares our core values of innovation and service to customers, and we believe there is a great cultural fit between our respective organizations.

RealMassive has committed to providing GIS WebTech customers in all markets across the country with a robust set of commercial real estate data that has breadth, depth, and timeliness.  

“We are excited to launch this partnership with GIS WebTech, a leader in technology for economic development. Our proven ability to provide high-quality commercial property data for inclusion in GIS WebTech’s Recruit 4.0 will allow customers around the country to have access to the most comprehensive and up to date commercial real estate data,” said RealMassive Chief Executive Officer, Patrick Lashinsky.

This partnership is a great example of GIS WebTech’s continuing commitment to innovation – not just in our technology, but in our business model.

GIS WebTech is the fastest-growing provider of technology for economic development, driven largely by the advanced features, engaging user experience, and unparalleled real-time data in our Recruit 4.0 solution. Most important of all, our technology works: 75% our customers set records for capital investment and/or job creation in the year they adopt our technology.

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