Experience the Leading Economic Development Software at the TEDC Conference

GIS WebTech Exhibiting in Houston! 

We are excited to be sponsoring the TEDC conference for the first time and looking forward to seeing our customers and friends in Texas. If you will be attending, please stop by our table so we can introduce ourselves and give you a brief demo of Recruit 4.0, our all-new economic development solution.

Only Recruit 4.0 allows you to offer businesses and site selectors the full package of data, functionality and ease of use they now require from EDOs. Data? Only Recruit 4.0 includes workforce data at no extra charge. Functionality? Only Recruit 4.0 includes trucking times, 3d views, and real-time access to the full Esri data set. Ease of use? Only Recruit 4.0 includes all functionality on the main page, with no scrolling to find things hidden off the visible screen, and only Recruit 4.0 uses all of the available screen rather than cramming everything into an inset box.

We look forward to showing you why 75% of our customers achieve record performance in the year they adopt our solutions!

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